Collection seeks to enrich the lives of its customers by presenting enduring jewellery pieces of extra or dinary beauty that cherished for generations.
Collection is the first and only authorized distributor of Tiffany & Co. in Turkey with its first store at the Ciragan Palace Hotel Kempinski in 1995. Collection exists in Turkish High-End Jewellery and Luxury Market for the last twenty years. The company represents the most prestigious international jewellery and brands and controls 70% market share of branded jewellery sales in Turkey such as Tiffany&Co., Perrelet, Dior, Zenith, Ulysse Nardin, Magerit, Carina Collection and Stephen Webster.
Collection is constantly growing and expanding its business activities thanks to its new stores, fresh new jewellery brands and worldwide designers. Thanks to its solid experience in luxury jewellery retailing as well as marketing and PR activities, Collection became a strategic partner of world’s top jewellery and watch brands for more than 20 years.
Collection has 20 years of experience in introducing, creating and developing brand awareness for the brands represented in Turkey. The company has a significant clientele including group of celebrities and prominent ladies of elite social groups in Istanbul and Turkey.
Being a great event organizer, Collection is very successful to attract the right target audience and potential clients each time suitable to brand image. Having close relations with the Turkish media groups for years, Collection is able to generate huge publicity on the right media channels with limited media budgets.


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DILEK ERTEK (Founder and President)

Dilek Ertek obtained a degree in architecture and design in 1982 and started her career as a fashion designer. She has been active in luxury retail business since 1984.

She launched the first and only Tiffany&Co. store in Turkey in 1995. Since 2005, she has been Board Member of Collection Jewellery Turkey.

Ms. Ertek is a very successful and enthusiastic business woman awarded several times by leading business associations of Turkey. She continues her career establishing solid business partnerships and serving in social responsibility projects as well. She speaks English and German.


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Collection seeks to enrich the lives of its customers by presenting enduring jewellery pieces of extraordinary beauty that will be cherished for generations. Our mission is to be recognized as the world’s most successful marketer of the finest jewellery in Turkey.


 GOKCE ATUK ( Board Member)

Gokce Atuk graduated from Koc University with a BA degree in Finance & Business Management in 1998. After his graduation, he started his business career at American Express Bank in New York and London head offices. Thanks to his strong leadership and analytical skills, he became CEO of Ceylan Textile in 2000.

In 2005, he joined Collection Jewellery Turkey. Since then, he has been contributing to the success and further development of the company. Mr. Atuk speaks English, German and Italian.

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