Collecting Zultanite

Zultanite is still very new to market and many jewelry professionals have still not seen one. However, we live in the information age and Zultanite’s reputation is growing much faster than it would have a generation ago.

Aside from its rarity there are some important factors to consider when collecting gemstones, especially zultanite. Zultanite is treatment free. This fact separates Zultanite from 90% of all available gemstones. Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds, Tanzanites have all had some degree of color enhancement whether this be heat treatment, artificial dyes or oils.


Zultanite is eye-clean. Gemstones are judged on their clarity. We want minimal inclusions that do not detract from Gem’s beauty. Zultanite is heavily included in the rough but the standard for cut Zultanite is eye-clean and no inclusions should be visible at 20/20 vision. Included material has an unfavorable color change and should not be accepted.

When collecting Zultanite size matters. All cut Zultanite is eye-clean and treatment free. It is only cut in a few select locations worldwide so true quality control for global production is not only possible but a reality. This means size is the only tangible price differential.The larger the Zultanite the higher the price per carat. A large Zultanite is over 5 carats. This size is considered very rare. The majority weight 1 – 3 carats.


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